Fearless Mindset Coach

Coaching Session Packages

Unlock Your Potential Package

One-time 1:1 60-minute coaching session - $180

Get clarity on the goals you want to accomplish in life with guidance and a roadmap for success.

Time To Get Serious Package

Two Monthly 1:1 50-minute coaching sessions - $300

Go from where you are now to your next level in life by taking concrete steps that lead to massive success.

Fearless Future Men Package

60-minute group coaching sessions for youth - $160

Get mentorship as a young adult to find purpose and direction in your life. (2-5 people per group)

Key Coaching Pillars


- Investing
- Budgeting
- Financial freedom


- Switching/advancing careers
- Goal setting
- Knowing your value
- Overcoming fear


- Reset beliefs
- Developing new beliefs
- Taking action
- Fear of failure


- Returning to dating
- What are you seeking?
- What has/hasn’t worked for you
- Understanding what women want
- Physical aspects of dating
- Current relationship status
- Overcoming rejection


- Find out who you are
- What gifts do you have
- In what way will you contribute to society & the world
- Self-determination


- Expect the best life possible
- Travel and see the world
- Striving for your limit
- Always be hungry for more

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